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Who we are?
Buzz Illustration Agency is your personal agent. We create buzz around you. Our purpose is to direct projects and money towards you. Buzz Illustration Agency is an online launching platform for illustrators exclusively from Romania, regardless of their level of expertise. Here, at Buzz Illustration Agency, we believe that you can do what you love and get paid for it.
What do we actually do?
We contact clients in your behalf and we redirect projects to you – projects that fit your profile, projects that passed our deadline and price negotiation process, so your time will be efficiently spent. We don’t have a promotion fee, nor an annual or monthly fee.
It’s that simple! You have fewer nuisances, you don’t have to meet with clients or answer endless e-mails. You will only do what you love, and that is illustrations.

You want to do what you love, to earn money and projects, to create great illustrations?

Complete the form , register for FREE on our platform, send us your portfolio, and keep illustrating. We will analyze your work and we’ll get back to you with an answer, or even an offer, as soon as possible. You can submit the portfolio in Zip/PDF/Rar formats , no bigger then 10 MB

If you have questions on how to submit your artwork please contact us at:
contact “at” buzzillustration.com .

*For the moment we only accept artists from Romania.

Submitting the artwork via the site doesn’t mean you will be listed on the site.
Please be patient until we review your submission. Don’t submit the portfolio multiple times, we review each submissions.